#Bangkok Rules

The Bangkok Rules


Healthcare in Prisons

#Executive Summary

Executive Summary: Global Prison Trends 2020


Global Prison Trends 2020


Report on the Covid-19 Situation in Prison and Policy Recommendations for Thailand

#Executive Summary

Child Rights, Ethical Standards and Psychological Analysis for Law Enforcement Training

#Troubled Childhood

Troubled Childhood 2: Pathways of Victims of Violence into the Justice System (A Study of Young Person in Juvenile Vocational Training Centres in Thailand)


Surveying Victimization Experiences among Young People in Custody: Systematic Review of Methods and Tools

TIJ-IGLP Workshop Summary Report 2019


TIJ-IGLP Workshop Summary Report 2017


TIJ-IGLP Workshop Summary Report 2018


United Nations Model Strategies and Practical Measures on the Elimination of Violence Against Children